today i went office and i was playing with Swing’s new toy

he bought it from Okinawa, it’s a traditional musical instrument from japan.

i played with it before he even started with it.

oh well! my style of playing with it 

since i know nuts on how it works i reckon i’ll just posed with it. haha..


just as i’m finished with it, i’m thinking i should really brush up my guitar skills..

well i have none to start with though i have a great guitar!

it’s a gift from my mum! now it’s filled with dust i think.. though it’s in its bag.

 oh i should introduce my guitar! 

it’s a TAYLOR guitar, if you are in the business, you’ll know it’s name.

it’s kinda branded? oh well, mine is a BIG BABY.

i’m gonna start on it tomorrow! 

i’m gonna bug Swing to teach me!

the first song i’m gonna learn is by Penny Dai!

我要的爱?or is it 你要的爱?

i’ll know it by tomorrow 

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