I just had a new bath tub! though i don't rest myself in it and do bubble bath..
but i do stand n it to shower.. can you picture it?
I had to change my bath tub cos it was cracked and i got clamped always... poor feet..

The new bath tub is in beige, the old one red. i guess red is always a better colour, not cos i love red but cos it wont look dirty even if it is? haha...

ok, bout the new tub! its bigger and more spacious! there's a sliding door connected to the bath tub, the old one was too narrow i'll always hit myself somehow..
but this new one is good.. hahah

The 'making' of the tub took half of a day! Tt's from say 10 am to 6pm! woo! and its a one man job!
What can i say? The uncle is pro! PROFESSIONAL! hehe...
Smart smart!
THADA! My new tub! I forgot to take the old tub pic.. it was 'wrecked' before i can keep its 'look"..hahha..


新的浴缸是米色的,舊的那個呢,是紅的,紅色好像比較好,我喜歡紅色,而且紅色的浴缸如果髒了比較看不出來嘛... haha...

ok, 這個新的浴缸比較大,容量當然也大,也加上了一個拉門,舊的那個太小了,我每次都會撞到...新的這個就真的很不錯啊... hahah

Smart smart!
THADA! 新的浴缸照片就是上面那樣,我忘記幫舊的那個拍照了....不過...在我拍照留念前...它就已經"裂開"了hahha..
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