” Good morning, on July 7
Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved,
now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us -
I can live only wholly with you or not at all -
Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits -
Yes, unhappily it must be so – You will be the more contained since you know my fidelity to you.
No one else can ever possess my heart -
never -
never -
Oh God, why must one be parted from one whom one so loves.
And yet my life in V is now a wretched life -
Your love makes me at once the happiest and the unhappiest of men -
At my age I need a steady, quiet life – can that be so in our connection?
My angel, I have just been told that the mailcoach goes every day -
therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once -
Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together -
Be calm -
love me -
today -
yesterday -
what tearful longings for you -
you -
you -
my life -
my all -
Oh continue to love me -
never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
ever thine
ever mine
ever ours”


This is a letter to his immortal beloved…or otherwise his soulmate the one love he’ll always love. He states that no one’s heart will be truer to hers other than his own. Only he will love her always. He regrets being so far from her but distance doesn’t keep his thoughts away. He only feels happy with her and in her arms. So happy in fact that his soul only belongs there. And with this letter he is that much closer to her. He talks about one day being with her solely. Living with her and being lovers. Until then stay calm he says. She is his live his love. And never misjudge…never believe false tales and rumors…of the one man who loves you so unconditionally. He is ever hers as she is ever his…they are ever one.

What is unconditional love?

I was taught the meaning of unconditional love, but some may see it as stupidity.
I was hurt by unconditional love once, but was it all worth it? yes.
Everyone will start to mur mur about it takes 2 hands to clap.
Well, it’s unconditional love, so theoretically, just yourself is needed.
It’s not maths, not accounts, no calculators are needed.
Just you.
As long as you think it’s worth it.

“ever thine
ever mine
ever ours”

In contrast, this needs 2 hands to clap.
when it’s just ever mine, not ever thine and ever ours, it’s meaningless.


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