I went to Hongkong for a Chinese music award!
Was really Happy!
cos i met alots of familiar faces and seems like a gathering to me :)
I met familiar artistes and my classmates!
I saw yoga and da mouth and my classmates: jiaxin aka vincy. mei mei and xiao jing :)

This is the Chinese award i went to!


This is the stage i performed on.
Well.. its really hard to sing.. cos i couldn't hear the music.. hope i did ok...
cos there's no ear monitors i think..
rehearsal was disastrous too... i only managed to rehearse once!

guess they were too busy and have no time for me to do my rehearsal...
anyway.. my song was only 1 min.

i sang 在世界中心。 :)

This was rehearsal.

Me and my award :) new comer award! :D
Thanks to the committee, my company, my family, friends, ppl who loved me and my fans who supported me always...



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