Phew i just came back from Malaysia..
wow! i had fun!
I flew KL first to have my own show case featuring Malaysian PSS Des at Taipan Station 1.
Before that i had to go 988 for a interview w Des.

And of cos before all work, i had to eat first!
Sweet Yee siew brought me to Malaysia KL Bah kut teh!!!!
woo hoo!!!
p.s. i did grew fat la... :(

Me @988 doin interview :)

Me and Des at interview 988

Then we are off to rehearsals!
She was my special guest in my show case.

We sang 一秒钟的永远 and 星星i'm not a star. and kenn was our pianist for that day!
so honoured :)
he was the composer of 一秒钟的永远。
and we are like first time doing this together:)
there were problems during rehearsals and we had to just whack during the real show.
well i hope we did well :)

we exchanged CD! wow and her album was great i mean really great!
you guys shd have a listen! i think its nice!!!!!

Playing and relax myself while des was singing :)

lastly a group photo w all smiles!!! :)

I finished my show and supper and reached my hotel bout 12 plus am.. wooo tired is the word...
and its my birthday aft the clock strike 12!
thanks to all the wishes i received :)
this 25th birthday of mine is goin to be a greater year than before!

but sadly.. i/m half way to 30...
haha.. dont wanna think bout it...

Gotta sleep le.. goodnight ! i had a road trip to penang at 12pm ....

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