I went to a party today, its my batch girl’s hen’s night!

This is my first time to a hen’s night! I was so excited! Just thinking of whats happening thrills me!

This are my batch girls and the bride to be friends. J

now which one is me? Can you spot me?

We played games and we had a stripper to heat up the party! But the stripper… was not what I expected.. he is v professional.. but its not what I expected.. oh well, most importantly, the bride to be is happy and having fun! We then went to st james to party! Its been so long since I step into a club to dance and drink and have fun and I realized I haven meet up my batch girls for as long as 4 years! I missed then dearly..

Hope to see them soon! They planned to go phuket in may.. but I couldn’t go I gotta work.. nevermind, there will be another chance:)

this is me and the bride to be. EricaJ

the singapore girls!

All the best Erica! I couldn’t attend your wedding dinner.. but I wanna wish you a very blessed with happiness marriageJ hugs..


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