My flt from TPE to HKG was short and sweet..
I watched SAMMI'S interview with a China's host!
She is a good host.. the stuffs she talked about is good and relevant.
She protects the artiste wishes.
這次從台北飛到香港是一個短程且溫馨的飛行. 我在飛機上看了SAMMI 鄭秀文的專訪! 
主持人是來自內地, 是一個很棒的主持人, 他討論的話題都很棒也很洽當!  同時也很保護藝人!

Sammi gone thru alot thru her rest times and i believe she's also attain another level of maturity.
Her words of encouagement and history touched me...
as i was watching.. i nearly cried..
it's full of emo..
i don't really understand why am i so emo when i watch her telling her story..
but i guess maybe some of the stuffs she say hit my heart..
as if she's saying what i always wanna say?
like she understands... :D
SAMMI 在休息期間經歷過很多事情, 我相信這些經驗將會讓他更成熟.
他親身的故事及鼓勵的話讓我很感動...  我都快哭了...  很多感觸...
我不知道為什麼我對他的故事會有這麼多的感觸... 我想應該是他的故事有打到我內心感受...
就像他說出我一直想說的話...  就像他很了解我一樣...

she showed us her drawings and her tots..
i think i prob shd take up drawing.. :)
its a kind of communication...
words are not to show others but for you and yourself to understand only.
it doesn't matter if other think its crap or not.
salute her!
she is right!
他展示了一些他的畫作... 我想我也該開始畫畫了... :)  
這是另一種溝通... 一種自己與自己的對話.  是一種不用在乎其他人怎麼想的溝通

I love her.. she so stylo milo!
Hope she continues to shine and have good results!
我好喜歡他... 他真有型!  希望他繼續在歌壇閃耀, 並有好成績! 

jiayou SAMMI!

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