Sigh.. nowadays, i always talk about my past before i become a singer.
May not all of you know this, i was an air stewardess before i started singing..
I always wanted to fly since i was young.
I flew for bout 1 and a 1/2 yrs. What can i say, it was enjoyable.. but tiring cos i had to attend music classes with feihui laoshi..

woo.. he wanted to train my endurance guess it helped:)
當時他是在訓練我的忍耐力...而且很有幫助 :)
Enough said of the past, i really miss flying especially when my batch girls put up their flying pics and when they were in overseas..
How nice.. well.. lets say you cant have best of both world.. you'll have to give up some to gain some..
but if i were to stop singing i hope i can go back flying though.. miss flying..

anyway, time doesnt rewind.. so lets look forward! 
I just released my album in taiwan! hope you guys like it and i accept all comments! 
But pls give the professionals their credit.. :)
cos ultimately, its all subjectives views!

love ya!


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  • 阿爆
  • 加油加油加油!

    看電視看到妳的music vedio
    說真的 很好聽 :)
  • 之前
  • 希望其他台灣的朋友也勇于給予意見﹐不論好壞我相信Kelly都會虛心接受。加油!
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  • Jia You!

    Kelly you gotta Jia You okay? Since you're fortunate enough to realise your dream by becoming a singer, you gotta cherish it. You've come so far all the way from Project Superstar 1 competition, until now releasing your own album in Taiwan... This is what you aimed for and you got it! (",) Look forward and realise more of what you want as you go along. I'm sure you can go further. Everyone has high hope on you. Hence you shouldn't disappoint us. Show us more of your talents and let us be proud of you. =)
  • Fans from Singapore
  • Never never give up

    When I read the newspaper abt u ever thot of giving up music career after the 1st album lauched, very upset because u hv gone through so many difficulties then come to this stage. We are even more upset that your life in taiwan is so "xin gu"...only holding few thousand for your living allowance (the rest need to send & support yr family)home). No wonder now u look so skinny.

    We understand it is very competitive in taiwan music industry, but we still hope that u wont give up so easily coz u got the talent. Quoting cases from famous/big stars like rainine yang, xiao zhu, etc they hv also gone through so many years and difficulties then award with good returns now.

    In fact, we got high hope on you. Knowing your EQ is quite high so be more positively. We fans support & love u forever.

    Jia U & we will be proud of u. If u need someone to talk with, leave us msg at yr blog or at panjiali's forum.

    Plse plse nvr nvr give up so easily, ok!

  • 悄悄話
  • 晃
  • 加油~~

  • DK  aka skyspider
  • Hi kelly,
    I know U have de very harecore ENDURANCE dat most ppl.don't have. Now then I know U only have a few thousand in Taiwan and sending de rest to family....Never never give up...U got de destiny of becoming millionaire!!
    If only I could get hold of one of my uncles( overseas) ,multimillionare, I definetly will erase yr financial worries ( like supporting you & sending money to family SECRETLY ) , so that you could fully FOCUS yr stay there!! Never mind, aniway, angels will be besides you....MENCIUS ( confusious 's diciple ) Quote : Before Heaven going to make a person VERY GREAT, Heaven will break every bones of the person's body first...."

    Don't give up!! Never Never have reached up to this stage.... many ppl. will be attracted to yr personality....Why ???? Cause you are always GIVING GIVING GIVING!!! Cause of your unselfishness.....many many many good things are coming your ways...soon....very soon.....

    with contionious blessings
    DK aka Skyspider :)
  • 看不下去
  • If you reali miss ur flying days den go fly and stop being a singer coz ur singing is not tat good and mayb u haf a btr future in flying instead of being a singer.
  • 阿爆
  • 我看的下去

    換句話說 妳唱歌真的很好聽
    超"耐"聽的 真的很好聽我說真的
  • lcs
  • Wo Kan De Xia Qi too!

    To reply #8,
    If u kan bu xia qi, why bother to come in here? Anyway, this blog is belong to Kelly and she does not need you to tell her what to do.
    Don't you have memoey? Don't u have feeling for the past?
    Don't u read what Kelly wrote in the end? I will type out just for u: "anyway, time dosen't lets look forward!".
    Hey, life is short, enjoy while u can.
  • d
  • jia you!!! dun giv up!!! even though the path ahead of u nw is tough as u just start ur road in tw! but u cn do it de! alot of fans are behind of u and supporting you!!
  • S9423959A
  • Album

    album very good. Hope all of u will buy the album ! as kelly coming .Take care kelly !!!
  • Moon
  • Jiayou

    Hey, Kelly don give up k?
    all of us behind u..Jiayou Jiayou...
  • Kelly no.1 fan
  • Kelly, i really love your sweet look and nice voice since the project superstar. Im sure you will be a very famous singer! Aja Aja fighting! :)))))))
  • 悄悄話