i finally finished all my songs. i mean recording! yeah! but i am disappointed. cos i didn’t manage to sing weisong laoshi’s song.. it’s a very cool song! i loved it very much! sigh.. hopefully the next album i could have more of weisong laoshi’s great work. sigh. didn't sing feihui laoshi's work too.


this is the mic i used mostly for my songs. it’s a relatively easy mic to sing in. nice to sing in. no stress. 

这是我经常用的麦克风。 很好唱,容易唱。没压力!

i called him fatty grey. don’t you think that he’s a bit plump? haha. but a very nice mic to sing in. 


for the last song of the lot, i used a new mic!!! it’s name is manly. but i like to called it goldy. he’s not very friendly to sing in. but if you understand him, you’ll sing beautifully with him. he’ll help you find your beauty in your voice. i loved it!!! now, it’s my favourite mic! my producer says that its good to know more difficult ‘friends’. it’s a challenge and a time to improve myself. 


now i am good friends with goldy 


so handsome right?! now he is my newest and bestest ‘boyfriend’ !


oo! i have a picture of my producer and the sound engineer ( her bf) and my AnR. i loved the song she wrote and recorded! it’s super duper nice! my favourite song of the album!


left to right: albert ( sound engineer)/ swing ( AnR)/ 小硕 (producer).

从左:录音师,制作部的AnR, 制作人。

i got this corn chocolate from a lyricist! we all call her ah ji! means ah jie. ( sister) . she got this from her trip to hokkaido! super nice la.. if you are there, pls get some for me pls…… i’m still missing the taste. 




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