she is gone. 6th september 2008, 3pm. 

she was NICOLE LAI.34. singer/ entertainer/ teacher. a jovial and positive, nonetheless attractive lady. 

she had a daughter, carmen. 14. i hope she is strong like her mother. i'm concern how is she taking it. she is so young and her mother was not only one who took care of her but also her best friend and her teacher. 

nicole. oh nicole. she was a wonderful lady with a great personality. she was my first singing teacher when i attended lwssom in year 2001. she made all or most of my singing techniques true today. i still remembered how she encourages me and how she'd taught me to be better. though i didn't had long lasting classes with her but she taught me for a year at least. she was an idol of mine. she sings beautifully and has a great sense of humor. she's friendly and always ready to give you suggestions. 

sigh.. life is so short and vulnerable. we should really cherish what and who we love and let them know they are loved. be brave to love and care. 生命真的很脆弱,很短暂。真的要珍惜所有你爱和爱你的人。让他们知道你在乎他们。

to all that had known her: lets all mourn for her. 

think to the positive side. her conditions must have taken a toll on her. it must've been painful. and she must have lost chances seeing her daughter growing up to a lady, woman, a wife to her husband, a mother to her children. but with all the pain she'd gone thru maybe.. maybe.. god wants her to be with him. so that he can takecare of her. maybe going heaven faster is a relieve for her. we will all remember her. nicole lai. the singer entertainer. 
看他变成女人的摸样,看他嫁人,看他为人妻,母。但是上苍要人的时候是我们大家都没辙的一刻,无可奈何。其实正面的想,或许,早升天也许是一种解脱。我不知道。但是,他生前是个好人,希望大家都记得他。nicole lai-出色的歌手,美女,女强人,好妈妈。好老师。好朋友。我们都爱你。


her clip if you haven't hear her beautiful voice:

she and her daughter at a showcase:


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