walk my own path. 

to lead.

being self and be followed.

bundled with independence.



intuition, six sense. 


with spiky hair.

singapore lanky girl,

upcoming la la land's new wave.

singapore girl, singer. ( more to come)

me, the latest and maybe greatest in a line of great singa song birds like kit, yanzi, tanya, joi.

i've finally feel that i've brought it home and made it my own.

i own it. yes.

i feel satisfied.

hear me ROAR!!!

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  • your ardent supporter
  • You sure have the qualities and abilities to make it big! Perhaps acting in the small tube and big screen will enhance your popularity!? All the best!!!!
  • Wendy
  • A Happy Person

    This is the Happy & Confidence Kelly we want to see.
    See you happy really happy for you.
    Just be yrself & continue to work hard and eventually people will appreciate yr hard work and music.
    Would like to share this article with you.
    Written by a great leader.
    A happy person is one who can create pleasant memories in life. One whose life-condition enables him/her to create happy and joyful memories, even in times of hardship or sorrow, will undoubtedly become a winner in life.
    All the Best in whatever you do.
    Take Care!!!

  • mingyangg
  • nice hairstyleee :D
  • bibi1223
  • kelly....i like ur new style...
  • syl
  • haha.
    the new hairstyle is shuai qi de!
    but i still miss the long feminine hair! =x
    take care~