haven't been updating my blog.. cos i'm in china for 10 days and china does not support taiwan's websites and blog sites. too protected i think. and i've therefore deprived of writing down my thoughts. haha.

here it goes! 10 days of naggings... haha.

one word to describe my trip of china. TROUBLES!

i didn't manage to sleep before my flt to beijing and i thought i would sleep on the flight. but i didn't really sleep and i didn't understand it. my biological clock is too messed up i guess. i always have a sleeping probby. but it didn't bothered me cos i am a night owl. i feel more relaxed and happy at night. 

i was fetched by karen and eric ( benjamin? dominique? he might change his name. :) new colleague) 

i reached beijing and to my new hostel! it's nice! i liked it :) all in one! all in one room. i even have a kitchen with a washing machine! haha. coolz. but its not cheap! to rent for a month it'll prolly cost 8000 rmb about S$1600! my god!

anyhow, all was right till the last week of china.. the trouble started with Huizhou.


i was suppose to go over Huizhou to do a performance. but i didn't managed to do it cos there's typhoon. so it's delayed till don't know when. i had a trip from Guangzhou to Chengdu and i had a flight delay for half a day! luckily we had cards to accompany us. the flight was delayed due to weather probby then also technical probby. by then we were in the flight ready to be taken off till the technical problems. the air crew were honest or rather too honest to tell us about the engine problem. thus, people got anxious and scared. some decided to leave the plane and some created a chaotic scene asking other passengers to vote and all. sigh. anyhow, my colleagues and i decided to still fly as soon as the air crew announced that's its safe to fly. 

well, to me, sometimes we really do have to trust the professionals. we are talking about lives here. so if its safe, then we can fly. finally we reach Chengdu but at 3am! woo hoo.. i got work the next morning.

that's not all. i had a delay from Chengdu to Hangzhou too! 


delay AGAIN! due to the rocket launch in China for the 1st time. they are the first to walk on space for 15 mins! cool!!! still we are not allow to fly due to their launch. sigh. by the time i'm in hangzhou, its already 2am. and yes, i have work tom.


hangzhou to nanjing. teadious road trip. we were all happy at first! cos not more delay flights! yeah! but still... our road trip is not as smoot as we thought. the high way is closed due to constructions. and we had to go thru dark and small roads. which also means longer road trip. cars were rushing too. and cos we travel at night. there's loads of SUPER BIG LORRIES! sigh. anyhow, finally reached nanjing safetly but our driver from hangzhou, is not familiar with nanjing roads. so we were lost for 1 hour to find our hotel. still we reach safetly and not to mantion LATE. :)



worst? cos i was ALONE! though i am not a small girl. still i didn't like the idea of being alone. it's my flight from nanjing to taipei. the 1st leg, from nanjing to hongkong was smooth and no delays. nice. the second leg?! disastrous! tiring and horrible! it's so bumpy! 

i was on flt cathay, cx 406 from hongkong to taipei at 1230. but it was delayed due to typhoon in taipei. delayed till 2pm. then delayed again to next morning at 5am! and there's no hotel for the passengers. cos it's all fully booked. how suay is that? then some light came! ( i thought! ) moto gang ( my manager) gave me another flt (china airway) to take back to taipei! i was grateful! i ran to the china airline check in counter to do my check in. i was praised lucky! cos its supposed to be fully booked! happy for a moment! but still i had to go over to cathay to cancel my tic. 

i was soooo ganjiong ( anxious) cos it's all blocked up by security but luckily they help me thru to a service staff. he is a cute one! wooo. haha.. he tried to convince me about unable to delete my flt but seeing me persistant, he gave in and helped me. finally deleted and i rushed to china airway to checked in. 

this is the cute cx guy! ( if you happen to see my blog, thanks!)

anyhow, i finally boarded the flight to taipei and seated comfortably. we were already moving and just right before our take off, there's an announcement, my heart fell. we had to go back to the airport cos the flight is delayed again!!!! argg!!! typhoon again! we were escorted to the arrival hall from a bus. when i reach there i realized i forgotten my phone! i left it on my seat! omy! lucky me! it was found and i waited for my phone to be sent to me. 

the other passengers and me all waited for news. again, some of the passengers decided not to fly. the rest of us did as soon as the flight to taipei is confirmed. by the time we are ready to really fly it's already 9pm! and i reached taipei at about 11 pm without my luggage. :(

without my luggage, i got no keys to go home to. no chargers to keep my computer and handphones on. sigh. have to wait for 2 to 3 days for it to be delivered to my company. 

finally i had to go over to my accountant house to get relevant keys to get my house keys from office. i reached office about 1230 am with my other colleague, cody who rushed to office to open the door for me to get my keys. thanks gals.. sorry to trouble..

after a horrible day, i reached home at 1plus am. tired and all drained. my the time i'm all washed up and settled down? 230am. phew.. what a day. 


sincerly thanks to all cx customer service peeps. thanks to all china airways service peeps. thanks to moto gang ge! thanks to ada and cody. thanks to driver to picked me up from airport. 

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