I m doin my recording with Sandee!!!
She is super cool!
I love her and she is smart!!!
She wrote lotsa nice songs for me and produced almost half of my album! 
She will bring out a different me:)

Isnt she pretty?!
Got lotsa character!
and beside her is my bro and AnR : Swing!

I didnt manage to take a pic of my sound engineer!
he is very handsome too!!! haha...
he's so sweet... cos i can't have aor con when i am recording and he'll switch it off even before i mention it! :d
sweet one.. :D

Look How pretty and big is the recording studio!!!
But its really far from taipei.. hahah...

Look! They even name whoever who's using the studio! so sweet...
makes me feel home :D

Haha.. look at me.. looking like a fly!
hahhaa... the sunny is so BIG!!!
It belongs to Show Luo!
But its real nice la.. But i didnt know he's so bling :D
but yea, of cos i returned it after taking a pic in it :)

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