I know i'm a bit slow with this.. pardon me..
I really don't follow the news that regularly..
我知道我對這件事反應有一點慢... 我有時不會隨時隨地看新聞...

But this really saddening...
She was an icon to me.
I never really knew her personally but i saw her variety shows and all..
She made an impact in the entertainment industry
She also worked with the Singapore entertainment industry..
I recognize her as fei fei jie.
To me, her life has been wonderful and colourful..
She made history.
I salute her.
肥肥姐一直是我的偶像, 我雖然跟他本人不認識, 但我都有看他的節目及表演... 
肥肥姐確實影響了演藝圈, 他之前也在新加坡工作過, 所以我知道他... 
對我來說肥肥姐的生活非常多采多姿, 他也創造了歷史, 我向他致敬...
I know her ex-husband is Zheng Shao Qiu( from papers) and i sort of personally know her daughter Joyce.
We were not close i think a better word would be acquaintance. Hi Bye friend.
We got to know each other in my teacher's music school.
She was a student of Anthony Png:)
Though we were not close but i would still feel for her..
hope she'll get through this strong..
we'll all support her.
我是從報紙得知肥肥姐的前夫是鄭少秋, 不過我倒是自己認識他們的女兒Joyce(欣宜)  
我們是在方老師音樂教室認識的朋友, 雖然不是特別熟的朋友, 還是為Joyce覺得傷感 
希望很堅強的度過這一段時間, 我們朋友都在各地支持他

Then she looked really different..
If i didnt follow the tabloids, i wouldn't know she became prettier and with more confident!
Joyce現在真的長得很不一樣, 如果我沒有注意肥肥姐的新聞, 我真的沒有想到我當初認識的Joyce變得這麼漂亮 

Enough of my relationship with Joyce..
ultimately i would like to send my condolences to her and her family..
I hope she can soon be happy cos i know her mum would want her to be happy..
Be strong girl...
I wish you all the best..
take care..
最後, 我要對Joyce及他的家人獻上我誠摯的慰問  
希望Joyce很快恢復原來快樂的個性, 我相信他的媽媽也希望快快樂樂的  
加油, 女孩... 保重 & 祝福你...

goodbye feifei jie, 
you will always be remembered.. 
再見了肥肥姐, 你會被記得的...


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