This is the famous Millionstar competition!
This is their 3rd season and they are not taking a breather!i
they held a full throttle of auditions right after the 2nd season!
its a taiwan singing competition (like project superstar of singapore/ super girls and happy boys of china)
now it had spread it wings to many countries!

Singapore is one of the destination and 7 chosen to go taiwan to make us proud!
its was a super duper hot sunny afternoon!
i was tanned again.. haha..
but its was all worth it! my friends are there and i went to support!
i went in disguised but was recognized soon after too!
haha...many of my friends joined the audition and they really did well but there's only 7 to be chosen..
7 instead of 5 were chosen after 2 days of tiring auditions!
familiar faces like sugianto and zhiyang, yvonne and ling yi got in!
good luck peeps!!!
do us proud!



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