The movie:  Away from her..


When i have free time.. i love to go to the movies..
it relaxes you.. and helped me understand new things and ways of life in a different perspectives or rather a more mature way?
i did lots and lots of my learning from watching..
be it the tv of the movies or theater..
i usually watch and learn...
my close friend once said i'm like or i learn like a monkey..
i see and imitate and learn.. :)
actually... that's how the kids do it too! 
so i am still young! haha...

This is a movie i watched recently...

i would definitely recommend you guys to watch it!
its a very 'real life' love story...
it reflects on unconditional love and trust of the deepest..
its a slow and steady movie.. 
of course, its might not be everyone's favourite..

i would not wanna say much of the story in case if you wanna watch it..
but i was very touched by the gracious love they had for each other and the deep trust of them to that no matter what they will be there for each other.. to death do them apart...
some says...maybe that's what you'll achieve when you reach that level... 
but i would not wanna take that for granted..
every thing or actions or thoughts should be appreciated...

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