This is Catholic Junior college!
i have close family and friends who studied here and when i was inside the school..
its weird cos i have mixed feelings?
i thouth i could 'see' and 'fee;' my friends goin about the school..
i was happy and excited!

Seriously, i was never really into rock music as in i don't know much of it...
but i went to a rock concert in catholic junior college!
its really fun and its a new appreciation of music to me..
i mean i know some rock singers.. like.. avril lavign? radio head.. bon jovi.. linkin park etc..
but i don't really study rock music faithfully..but i learn quite a bit though!
the performers made up of teachers band and student bands..
from acoustic rock to heavy metal..
from studious fashion style to the 70s!

Thank you brother Paul for inviting me to this fun occasion!

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