Day 3 and 4 in Hkg!!!

day 3 is a rainy day!
its super cold! and i am freezing my *** off!!!

luckily my colleague lend me his jacket!
and i dont have any warm packs! woo hoo!
and there's a lot of outdoor shoots..
and i am wearing v little... :(
but i hope the photo will be nice then it would worth the pain... hahhaa...

Day 4 is the last day and i'll be home for chinese new year!!!
nice nice!
looking forward to it!

i've had good food!!!
curry fish balls! and its super tangy can!!!
look at my hungry and excited face!!! haha..

i'll be seeing jiaxin aka yong er at the same show tt we are gonna perform! 
its nice to see her after so long.. she changed but prettier:)

This is the cny show i performed in hkg!
everyone wa ssinging cantonese song and i am doin chinese song.. abit weird but i hope they like my performance though:)

i did baking today!!! hahaha
strawberry moose cake!
its called the pink valentine! 
you can check out the web to see my video o!
its should be in the hkg yahoo website:)
see! i am looking skillful!

hope its edible..

ok guys!
enough of updates!
have a great chinese new year and have fun with family and friends!
i wish you all good health and happiness all year!
muacks! hugs!


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