day 1 in Hong kong!


COLD is the word!!!

I didn't bring enough to wear cos i was 'cheated'!!!

The web shows he temperature to be 16 degrees Celsius!

And to my surprise! 

When i touched down in Hongkong, the captain of the plane announced 8 deg!

ohh my god!


Now i can't go shopping peacefully cos i got no clothes to walk me through the weather!



I started promos in Hong-Kong today, my Promo clothes were too thin for the weather too.. i had these warm satchels to keep me warm..thanks to my colleague!

haha.. he is one of a naggy aunty!


but thankful to him!


during the interviews i had to have the warm packs under my legs and all to make me feel more comfortable and i am still sick.. this is awful...


Something nice happen though!

i met my friend Chen Jiaxin now known as Yong er Vincy:)

she is doin really well in hongkong and she just had her first concert in hongkong!!!

what can i say! i am envious!!!

but really happy to chat with her! will see her on sunday again! 

we are doin a show together:)

looking forward to it!:)


k! chaoz!

needa sleep! tom is another cold day....


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