i watch the March of the penguins before. its a documentary film.. i didnt noe them tt much cos i slept thru the movie.. 
i only know the papa penguine will look after the egg till the mum comes home..

but recently i watcha comedy, good luck chuck? 
the female lead have obsession of penguines. through her i got to know more bout penguines.
i love penguines even more now and i hope to find my penguin soon.

you noe, the penguins are the most devoted partner.
once they have some one in mind, they will only have and love them. only her/him.
he will find her the perfect pebble and give her as a 'wedding ring'.
and hold on to her through thick and thin.

how sweet..

thought they are clumsy, but they are not stupid.
they are just staright forward. real and trust worthy.

i love the penguine!

now i learn to appreciate the penguine more.

truly appreciates them :D

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