Bling bling is in the trend for me!
Guess i was too bored... needed to find a new interest.. but i am so done with it le..
all my stuffs! those that are able to be blinged are blinged! :D
show you all some! 
not tt i am good at it.. but i still wanna show you all my works! haha

my handphones:

my i pod!

my new d/s!
remember i told you all i lost my d/s on a sq flt?
so sad.. cos its a gift from my penguin...its a baby blue one...
but! penguin so nice and sweet!
gave me a new special d/s for my xmas pressie!!!
nice nice!
this time i specialized my new d/s!
with my initial and my penguin initial! :D

i am contented with my work of art! :D
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