First and foremost!

Have to thanks BENQ for having me as ambassador for their Bling Bling Promotional events!
Due to the promo events they have for their Bling Party, i had the chance to promo my music in many parts of china!
its fun and its an eye opener for me!

I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan!
This is Part 1!
Aft 2007, i'll be continuing Part2! Another 3 cities in China!

Beijing's Bling Party!

This is the night scene of Shanghai! 
I just finish my performance for Bling party Shanghai!
we manage to catch some picture before the 2 hours drive to Hang zhou!

Me and Kong Jing Jie! she is the vice- president of my company!

Li yun jie! she is the make up artiste for my China tour!

Zhuang yan! she super farnie... blur yet competent!

see! i had the hairy crab! 
i'm really not cut out for adventurous food.. haha..
just give me the normal food delicacy!

The next stop is Hang zhou!
This is the legendary West Lake!!!
This is where mdm white smake met the love of her life:)

My huge poster!!!
@ the pc city of Guang zhou!!!

I had hotpot at Chongqing!
its the real chong qing hotpot!
wait till i have the pics from my colleagues!
its super hot lah...
kept coughing!
i better not try anything spicy...

AH! this is the famous Wu han breakfast!
i love this!
its called Dou pi!

This is the wu han drink.. its with rice balls and some sticky texture stuffs...
not my type really.. i still prefer soya bean( in front of the wu han drink)...

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