haha.. look at me!
i'm challenging myself!
i wore shorts with thicker leggings only!
哈哈...  看看我!  愛美不要命!  我在挑戰我自己!  我只穿短褲配厚褲襪... 哈哈! 

that's not the main thingy here lah...
i love this streets.. its romantic to me..
imagine if i'm in the costumes of the past...
how would i look?
穿什麼不是重點... 重點是我好愛這條街... 對我來說這裡真是浪漫...  你可以想像我穿古裝的樣子嗎?

its near the famous drama university!
Its produces alot of outstanding artiste!
Zhang zi yi and Yuan quan are from that drama school!
there are also lots of shops and cafe that are unique and special in terms of designing and concept.
I had my interview with some reporters around there too!
這裡很接近北京的中國國家戲劇院, 這裡出產了很多知名藝人, 章子怡及袁泉都是出自這家戲劇學校! 
這裡有很多極有特色的店家及很有設計感的咖啡廳.. 我也在這附近做了幾個專訪!
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