The temperature in Beijing is approximately -8 deg to 8 deg!
woo hoo! Its super cold!!!
Especially in the night!!!
look at me!
all covered up!!!
北京這幾天的氣溫約攝氏-8度 ~ 8度!  嗚呼... 超冷的!  特別是晚上... 看我把我自己整個包起來了!

so pity right!
i was going for my radio interview!
but cos the building that we are goin to is very strict and we need to wait for the dj to come fetch us up...
imagine.. its super cold and strong winds are blowing!
and i am standing there alone!
很可憐吧!  我正在等我的電台專訪... 可是大樓規定一定要等訪問的DJ來接我們才可進樓! 
想想我一個人站在寒冷的夜晚裡等通告加上超冷超強的風在吹... 冷死我了! 

haha.. of cos la.. my colleague take picture for me ma... hahha...
this is her!
super cute girl!
always reminding people that we shd be aware of her cos she is a scorpio!
wonder if she is proud of it? or being sarcastic to herself?
very nice lady :)
哈哈... 我當然不是一個人, 是公司同事幫我拍的照片啦... 哈哈!
就是他... 超可愛的女孩!  他常提醒我要小心他是一隻天蠍! 
不知道他是很驕傲身為天蠍座? 還是諷刺自己?  不過他人的很好喔!

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