I had Beijing duck for dinner!
its nothing big maybe.. but i had it in Beijing!
so its the authentic Beijing duck in Beijing!
今天的晚餐是吃北京烤鴨!  吃烤鴨不稀奇... 我在北京吃北京烤鴨... 可是最道地的北京烤鴨!  哈哈...

This is a interesting Vegetable too!
It looks like a catus plant!
look at it when its cooked!
its very crunchy!
its called the 四棱豆(si4 leng3 dou4)
這是一道很妙的蔬菜!  這看起來好像是仙人掌!  這是煮好的四棱豆, 吃起來脆脆的! 

This is another weird dish to me.
its a snake lookalike fish.
its not an eel.
its called the 鱔魚。
對我來說, 這是另一道很奇怪的菜.  這看起來很像蛇的魚... 這不是鰻魚, 這是鱔魚!

There's no ice in winter.
but i didn't know and i ordered coke..
so luckily the restaurant have it but! i have to pay 5 yuan for a bowl of ice though..
可是我不知道還點了可樂, 還好這家餐廳有準備冰塊, 可是這碗冰塊要花我五元人民幣...  哈哈...

overrall the food was superb!
i will recommend people to go there to enjoy the great food!
all my colleagues love it and so does my boss!
整體來說, 今天的晚餐真的很棒! 
下次你來到北京時, 我會推薦你來試試這家餐廳喔!  不只我公司同事喜歡, 我的老闆也很喜歡喲!
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