Though this isn't the first time coming to Beijing but i am really seeing the streets in beijing the first time!
Cos my first time to Beijing was not memorable.. i had food poisoning then..
so yea!
i am fascinated with Beijing streets, most of the streets still hold on to their traditional image!
look at the shop houses!
雖然這不是我第一次來到北京, 卻是我第一次參觀北京的街道! 
因為我第一次來北京時記得的並不多... 我那時不小心吃壞肚子...  所以阿...
我著迷上北京的街道, 大部分的街景還依舊保留著北京的傳統形象!  你看看這店家...

This is my first day@ work in Beijing!
Kong jing jie fetch us from our hostel to the Beijing office!
這是我在北京的第一個工作天!  孔靖姐從飯店接我去公司在北京的辦公室!

The Beijing office building!

We had lunch some where near office and woohoo! its a great experience!
the way they communicate and all.
its all so straight forward and loud.
its not rude its their way of life :)
我們再公司附近吃午餐... 很特別的經驗! 
這裡人溝通的方式直接又大聲... 在他們的生活中並不是沒有禮貌喔!  很有趣 :)

we ordered some great food!
the way they order dumplings is different from us too.
we order it in pieces, but they do it in their weight.
我們點了一些很棒的菜!  在北京餐廳點水餃時不是點幾顆, 是點要多少重量的水餃!!!

this is what we had for lunch!
tt's is alot! for 7 of us only!
we didn't finish our food and we took it away for the later.
這一桌就是我們的午餐!  這麼多的菜餚只有七個人吃!  
我們沒有吃完, 我們把剩下的都外帶回公司!

darren waiting for cab to bring me to my dance rehearsal!
look at the roads of beijing and the withered trees!
this is winter peeps!
吳哲哥在路邊等叫計程車, 要帶我去練舞! 
看看這北京的街景及乾枯樹枝... 這就是冬天氣氛!

whats that?! i took it in the cab on the way to the dance studio!
a bird? shooting star? a plane?
i thought its a plane on fire for a second!
haha.. but it's cos its too cold!
silly silly me..
哪是什麼? 我在去舞蹈教室的路上拍下了這張照片!  是一隻鳥?  是流星?  還是飛機? 
我一度以為那是飛機著火了!  哈哈哈, 那只是冷空氣造成的景象... 我笨阿!

I had my dance rehearsal with the dancers of beijing!
they are great dancers!
we had our rehearsal done smoothly and fun!
they did alot of dance with different artiste as well.
eg. elva.
我在北京與北京的舞者練舞囉!  他們都是很棒的舞者!   我們很快就完成預定的練習! 
他們也幫其他藝人伴舞... 例, Elva蕭亞軒.

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