I am in Beijing already!
Its 1 degrees Celsius when i landed in beijing.
I flew in from TPE and hand to do a transit in HKG.
I met a someone on the flt, he is one fatherly man.
we talked bout random stuffs.
and realized tha we are in the same industry!
he is in the video though. but its entertainment biz.
isn't it?
我到北京了!  我下飛機的時候, 北京的溫度約只有攝氏1度!  我從台北飛北京, 中間必須要在香港轉機.  
我遇到一個像爸爸的人.  我們就隨口聊了一下.  我們發現我們都是在娛樂圈.  他是在錄影帶界, 也算是娛樂圈吧?!

My colleague DAPHNE jie she came to Beijing with me and we had DARREN to fetch us from Beijing!
He is our Beijing colleague.
Happy to see him! but he seems so tired and he'd slim down alot..
heard he had a bad ordeal..
Hope he's getting better:D
In all, i am happy to meet my Beijing colleagues :D
Hope we'll have a good partnership :D
我同事慧珍姐跟我一起飛到北京, 吳哲哥在機場接我們.  吳哲是我們北京公司的同事.  
很高興見到他, 可是他看起來好累好瘦.  聽說他最近有一點不舒服, 希望他很快的就沒事了! 
我很開心可以認識北京的同事們, 我希望我們接下來都會合作愉快!

Show you all my Beijing hostel!!!

this is my room! Its like a studio apartment but alot smaller :D
enough for one but i think if i were to stay in it for long.. i mean really.. i think i'll go bonkers.. haha
這是我住的房間, 比套房式公寓小, 如果我要長期住這裡... 我是說假如... 我想我一定會瘋掉...  哈哈 

my toilet.. i always like to share my toilet! haha.. though nothing much..
這是我房間的洗手間... 我總是很喜歡分享我的洗手間... 哈哈... 

the night view outside my room thru my windows.. see! there's a massage place!
這是從我房間窗戶看出去的夜景... 你看對面那就有按摩店!  我愛愛愛死按摩了!  在北京按摩便宜又讚喔!

I have to bring my buddha book when i travel.. cos i'll feel safer.. :D
it gives me strength..
don't worry, i do know the door when i move in to the place!
call me SUPERSTITIOUS but safer rather than sorry.. :D
我每次出遠門我都會帶我的大悲咒... 它會讓我比較有安全感... 也會給我力量...  哈哈!
可以說我迷信, 不過, 我覺得安全感總比遺憾好, 對吧!

My must have when i am alone...!
i am so clingy and so insecure..
i need then beside me so that i can go to sleep..
there's more weird movements..
eg. i need noise (a bit la..)
need light (toilet light is good enough)
我是一個很黏人也很沒有安全感的人... 我需要帶著他們才可以入睡! 
我睡覺有一些怪癖, 例如, 我需要一點點聲音才能睡覺, 也需要一點燈(有廁所小燈就夠了)...

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