I'm leaving for china for 3 weeks to do my promo with the courtesy of BENQ sponsoring!
Big Thank you!!!
I saw my Bling Bling MTV!
我即將啟程到內地做三週的唱片宣傳!  這次BENQ是我的贊助商喔!  謝謝BENQ!
我已經看到我的Bling Bling音樂錄影帶, 很可愛很漂亮喔!

I've loads of things to pack..
Cos i really don't want to bring too much extra stuffs..
Even after flying.. i still cannot pack efficiently..haha..
我有好多東西要打包... 頭痛!  我實在不想帶太多東西... 即使當過空姐, 我還是沒有辦法很有效率的打包... 哈哈!


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  • 小炳
  • 去内地要好好照顾自己!!
  • 龍驤
  • 加油..

  • Curry
  • China .. Kelly's coming !

    嘉丽,你好幸福噢 ! 还有sponsor。。哈哈
    在内地要加油 。。 我们永远挺你 =)
  • Audrey
  • Woohoo. All the best when you're there alright (: I'm going china in a few days time. Hopefully i'll see you there. Hahaha. Do take care there :D
  • ooo in china?? where...?? i am currently studying in shanghai.. nice meeting u... by the way, are u a singer or model or.....?? u are too new to me, sorry for not knowing anything about u.. hope u can tell me that. good luck :)