I was in Singapore for a few days..
cos there's no work in tpe.
now i am back in tpe and preparing to go china on the 12th.

i manage to catch up with some of my friends!
me and my best friend and her bf went to a new drinking place!

The Arena!
shiok! I love that place! They serve good snacks! i LOVE their top shells!!!
they've got a good RnB Band singing in their club!
and i realized! there are no smokers around the club!
its a new rule!
good for me or some who doesn't like the smell of it but pain in the neck for the smokers..
anyways, its works for me! haha..

I was playing 5 10 with my friends, its fun and we played some scissors/paper/stone.
Me and my bestie had really good telepathy! we had the same symbols for at least 5 tines in a row!
i had some drink and all..
Talking bout drinking, the boss is really nice, he treat us to a round of drink and a bottle or MARTEL!
Thanks a million! That make my friend and myself happy!
And i will go back to the club for sure!
Great Seats, food, music and drinks!

I went for Show concert in Singapore too!
The concert was quite nicely done!
But i thought it was too short..
It started bout 830 but ends bout 10?
Show's got good performing skills!
He can talk too!
he's talented and farnie :)
I enjoyed the show :)
All thanks to my sis/ Universal manager with the tickets!

i guess the next time i am back to sin would be in January..
Hope time pass faster!
its really too slow..



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  • hui ting
  • wow !

    wow ! i didn't know you were there too !
    i support you !
    and xiao zhu !
    his concert was very funny ! :)
  • wwwoooooooo cheers.... no smoking in club... arena... okay.. nx time will visit there...