Time really flies!
Its been 2 months!
I did lots of tv variety shows and radio and magazines and newspaper works.
My last two was 綜藝大哥大 and 模範棒棒堂!
時光飛逝!  兩個月就這樣過去了!  
我做了很多不一樣的宣傳, 有電視通告, 有電台通告, 還有雜誌 & 平面專訪!  
我最後的兩個通告是 - 綜藝大哥大 & 模範棒棒堂!

i would like to thanks the promo team of taiwan.
without them, i wouldn't have so many exposure.
Thanks to my company colleagues hard work also.
Thanks to the stylist team including hair stylist and make up artiste!
我想在此特別謝謝台灣的宣傳同事!   沒有他們我一定不會有這麼多的曝光!  
也要謝謝公司同事的努力.  還要謝謝髮型師 & 化妝師!

Thanks to 大熊星colleagues!
Thanks to stylist team! Jimmy 哥,小小哥,Sydni 姐 and all great make up artist!
Thanks to 大四喜!豆苗姐,BOBO 姐,佳凌姐,小達姐,小棋姐。
謝謝我的造型師 - 啟民哥, 小小哥, Sydni姐 及所有的化妝師!  
謝謝大四喜 - 豆苗姐, BOBO姐, 佳凌姐, 小達姐, 小棋姐!


I had my last 2nd tv show of my promo at 綜藝大哥大.
I had fun! i was one of the winners that is rewarded to eat delicacy cooked my Cyndi Wang! haha..
She is one of a cutie pie!
somehow she looked more like a cutie pie:)
我倒數第二個電視宣傳 - 台灣大哥大 
這一段錄影是贏的人可以是吃王心凌煮的食物...  Cyndi真的好可愛喔!!

look at me enjoying Cyndi's dish!
i'm in cloud 9!!!
看我開心享用心凌煮的菜!  我都快飛上天了...  哈哈哈...

Ping yuan ge was very nice to me too! we had to jump over a skipping rope..
but weirdly i couldn't get pass it..
In the end he had to help me but to no avail too.. in the end Fei ge had to say times up.
but i had fun no doubt!
品源哥對我真的很好!  有一個單元我們要跳繩, 可是我怎麼都沒有辦法過關...  
最後他想幫我可是也是沒有過關, 菲哥只好喊時間到!   哈哈哈... 太好玩了!


My last tv variety show was at 模範棒棒堂!
This is a super famous TV show in Taiwan and I am honored to be part of it :)
I was there together with Tarcy Su and Luo Meiling as guest.

Its was an episode on Singing competition!
a very serious one!
The winner of each round have to PK with the guest!
And that's us.

I had 2 PK with Prince and 小昱:)

I was seriously nervous!
but the host was really warm and nice.
especially FAN FAN jie :)
She is super skinny can!!! and tall!
very pretty one.

she has brains too!
heard she's from harvard!
woo hoo!

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  • shin
  • arhh, fan fan is skinny, but u too la!!!
    wa ur legs damn sleek n nice la!
  • 阿爆
  • 真捨不得ˊˋ

  • sophia
  • wahhs, you and fanfan so slim ! haha, got any slimming tips ? :D
  • siew
  • wow!!u go bang bang tang!!!cool man!!!
    i like this show!!! and u vs prince and xiao yu who is the strongest in singing in bbt wor!!!
    look forward to it!!!
  • 悄悄話
  • rach
  • hey kelly!
    glad to see you having so much fun.. at taiwan somemore! haha has this always been your dream? (i mean, as a singaporean singer/celeb, chances are often limited). I'm really proud of you and Wei Lian who have ventured into the Taiwan market 来为新加坡争光!haha, very promising.. Keep up the good work!
  • xiaoohoolo
  • Wow! u went to Mo fan bbt? i bet it was fun , erm , what was the date u went for it? anyway , u are a great singer , i love your songs!! Pls reply me when u went for mo fan bbt , ok? thanks , take care!
  • Curry
  • hi

    Kelly, seems like u got luck w/ food haha .. its 2nd time u win le haha
    嘉丽,你和吃的真很有缘噢 。。赢两次了.. 哈哈

    台湾的朋友欢迎你们来加入我们的讨论区 我们会尽量写华文的
  • lu
  • Hope you do well in your singing career! Glad that you are enjoying yourself! work hard!
  • 悄悄話