I finally went to a singing variety show!
I was with weilian as the guest artiste!!!
its was fun and touching!

We sang a song together and we each sing out album songs and our competition songs then.

Its a really enjoyable night

how memorable..

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  • xinyi
  • really? this is good! what show is this???
  • cLouD
  • for you

    you blogged seven times in a day!!!! hahaha

    it's really nice knowing that ya doing so well right now. so much better off when you just released ya 1st album?
    at least i know my votes went the right way after all ((:

    and your voice. omg la.. BEAUTIFUL can... >< the 'zhuan ying' and 'wei ying' of shakalaka baby... wahaha. i love it! xDD

    p/s: i tried to tag in your tagboard. seems to be in a mess cos i cant find any buttons at all =.=
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