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This is a food hunting show!!!
i am really tired after my recording..
my feet were sored...
but this show made me know taipei more!
we were at zhong xiao dong lu!
introducing all the good food there!
and we also played games with the bosses of the restaurant.
if we win, we can have more free food! if we lose, we will give them ang bao!

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I did a interview with apple daily and i took a picture of it!

i had much fun as well, though i am always repeating what i say, but i still had fun!
the one beside me is jialing jie, she a cute lady too!
always in cartoony t shirts!

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I did a few photoshoot!
this is for apple daily!
A "how to make up" for beginners. :)
we did lotsa close up shots.
i think of all types of photoshoot, this is the hardest..
i did a similiar one in singapore.
but still its a hard shoot.
the lights and all are so near and i have to force my eyes open to look "bling bling"

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I did hosting a bit..hehe..
a outdoor tv recording.
this is a segment to introduce designers who diy their own stuffs!
she is really cute and her designs are all her hard work!
i bought some stuffs to support her too!
gotten some accessories!
but sadly.. no discounts.. hehe..

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I went 娛樂百分百!

it was a fun segment!
i attend the new comer segment.
where there was 4 of us!
though not all of us are new comer but we all just released our new album!
we had to sng one of our album songs and we had to perform another other than our song!
i sang shakalaka baby and i did a chinese dance. :)

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I had quite a full week.. everyday also got work...這禮拜真的很忙啊
This is one of the tv recording i went!上的其中一個節目叫

its a talking program :)
we talked about people who become singers after singing competitions.
and of course, i am one of them :)

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woo.. its a tiring day!
I slept a bit during flight time..
but i need to rush to tainan right aft i reach taiwan..
i have a campus concert..

The ride is quite adventurous!

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On my last day, i manage to not sleep and celebrated my sis b day!
cos i had a flight back to tpe in the morning..

i hope she's happy! though we had short time tog.. but i want her to know i love her.
she's my dearest sis...

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When you see me blog.. means i am in tpe le..
i just came back from Singapore not long ago...
I really miss singapore, my family and friends...

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Sigh.. nowadays, i always talk about my past before i become a singer.
May not all of you know this, i was an air stewardess before i started singing..
I always wanted to fly since i was young.
I flew for bout 1 and a 1/2 yrs. What can i say, it was enjoyable.. but tiring cos i had to attend music classes with feihui laoshi..

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看起來樣誠實的好男人!mr. nice guy.希望我的表現ok:)

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I did my first 完全娛樂 without knowing its live!
Till my friends in Singapore told me they saw me in the show :)
woo.. weird... but kinda exciting..
I gave my album to the host zax and jason and i also gave them a t-shirt design especially for them.
Hope they like it. :)

I went to a radio promo after that! Its called UNI Radio.
Kinda feel at home cos the host are singaporean!

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第一次感受在棚內拍MV,剛拍了兩支MV,拍了Shakalaka Baby 和溺愛。

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I did hosting for Malaysia media!

We introduced Clark quay and Lao Par Sat to Malaysia media!

Really fun!

Have to thanks the driver to drive us around!

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I haven't been blogging for sometime.. sorry guys..
My album is released! in taiwan and singapore on the 28th of sept!
I also just come back from singapore not long ago..
Cos i had my press conference in singapore.. though only a few days..
but i really miss singapore and home v much..
i'll go home whenever i can! miss my family and friends..

The press conference is quite a success :)

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